Close up of whole grain rice

Quick Tips Nutrition 2

Rice 🍚!

Why is rice the go to source of carbs in the fitness world ?!

If there’s 50 grams of carbs in 2 slices of bread and 50 grams of carbs in a cup of rice why should you choose the rice? (Ex.)

Yes, rice is rich in manganese, selenium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamins, niacin, and FIBER!

Plus a great source of carbs!

But this is what I personally OBSERVED!
Your body can digest rice better then bread !!

And for those of your that have a primary goal of putting muscle should know that digestion is key!

The more you can digest the more you can eat which equals MORE muscle mass.

Try to consume 150-200 grams carbs in rice one day and bread the next day and tell me what you think! 

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